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    Default Nexus 7 Tablet (2013) Help with rooting / backup of N7 (build errors)

    so i found myself with a nexus 7 (2013) brought about a month ago and have encuntered a few problems. Firstly, i have realised that the tablet did not have the commercial background as advertised so i did a bit of research and found it had the wrong build dueo to a small error on the first batch of nexus 7s. I have build number JWR66N. I wasn't too bothered with that until i realised that i keep getting a new notification for a new system update to 4.3 even thoguh i alreadyy have 4.3 installed. Obviously, i had an error when installing the update. I had to force it to restart and every 2 days, the notifications keeps popping up and won't go away which is annoying. I did a bit of research and found i had to flash the new build JSS15J.

    So i need to root my device. My question is, how would I do a whole system backup (including the app data), copy the backup to my pc via usb and put it back on when i'm done. Or a better question would be, do i even need to flash that build number. I've seen a lot of tutorials on how to backup the apk and the appliation but struggle to find one which backs up the actual data in the app e.g. progress in a game. I would like to know a simple way of fixing the problem (with a very low risk of bricking it). Please forgive my bad use of terminology there but i'm still new to this and need advice.

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