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    Default Can't acess Bootloader

    Hello guys,

    My Nexus hasn't received the 4.4.1 or the 4.4.2 so I wanted to get it sideloaded onto my device.
    It's not rooted, completely stock @4.4.

    I have followed these steps: How to manually update your Nexus tablet to KitKat [updated] | Android Central and can't acess the bootloader by pressing the 3 key combination at once.

    I enabled USB debugging, turned off my device, pressed the 3 keys at the same time and nothing happens.

    What's odd is that, after I do this, my tablet will only turn on after I press the power button for about 15seconds.
    Any ideas or am I missing something here?
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    Default Re: Can't acess Bootloader

    The linked description is incorrect. Start the bootloader by simultaneously pressing and holding power and volume down (the lower button) only.

    When the red exclamation mark appears, hold down power and quickly tap volume up, then release the power button. This should get you there.

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