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    Default Directory Structure on Nexus 7 2013

    Hi, just got mine and want to transfer my Kindle books from my PC to the Nexus via USB cable. Is there a specific directory to put them in? I downloaded the Kindle App and started by putting just one file in the Kindle directory but when I start the Kindle App it does it's syncing but doesn't find the book. Next step was uploading a couple to Play and then reading them using the google book reader. I got a message saying "touch the icon pin to download the file" but where is this icon pin? I seem to have downloaded a couple as I can read them with wireless switched off but when I try to find them by looking in every directory on the Nexus via USB connection on my computer they can't be found.

    I have included a pic of the directory structure on mine below and wondered if anyone could take a look and tell me if it is missing anything.

    Directory Structure on Nexus 7 2013-nexus-7.jpg

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: Directory Structure on Nexus 7 2013

    Welcome to Android Central! I don't know the details of the Kindle book files, but I would guess that simply moving the files from one device to another won't allow you to read them, and I'm pretty sure that Google Play Books won't be able to read them.

    The easiest thing for you to do is to install the app on your Nexus 7, sign in using the same Kindle account you used to download your books to your PC, and all of your Kindle library (which is in the Amazon cloud) should be available on your Nexus 7.
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    Default Re: Directory Structure on Nexus 7 2013

    Kindle ebooks purchased from Amazon have DRM specific to each device, so you can't just move them from one device to another. You'll have to access your kindle library (the archives) from the Kindle App on your Nexus and download them that way, so they'll be DRM'd for that device.

    If they are non-amazon (non-DRM) books, then you probably just need to import them into the app. To do that, just download one of the free File Manager apps, navigate to the files and click on them. You'll be prompted to choose the app you want to open them in. Choose the Kindle app. If they're non-drm, you can also use other eBook readers as well, if you like.
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