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    Help, again, please re: transferring tunes from Google Play Store to Nexus 7 2013 LTE. Have successfully figured out to transfer tunes from iphone to Windows 7 laptop via itunes, then use AirDroid to transfer to Nexus 7 on Rocket Player and make playlists. BUT cannot figure out how to add music I purchased on Google Play Store to these playlists in Rocket Player? Help, please. So much to learn. Thanx in advance!

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    If you download a song from the Google Play Music app to your device, it's actually difficult to access, because the file has a number code for a filename, and the directory is pretty obscure. Consider it a soft way of discouraging rampant piracy. Anyway, the best way for you to accomplish what you want is probably to do the following:

    1. On your computer, download the music you want from your Google Music account. You can do this either with the Music Manager, or directly from the Google Music website (the one that shows your whole library). Using the Music Manager, you can download your music an unlimited number of times, but the catch is that you have to download your ENTIRE library, which can be a pain if it's huge. If you download from the website, you're limited to downloading a given track a total of twice--so if you download here, keep the file somewhere safe.

    2. Once you have your music file downloaded, then transfer it to your Nexus 7 using AirDroid, and then add it to your RocketPlayer playlist.
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    What's the best way to listen to audiobooks on the N7?
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    B. diddy - Sounds logical; I will give it a go. Thanks much.

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