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    I have the Analogix slimport adapter. I travel, and spend many nights a year in hotels. I really like the ability to watch videos on the full size TV in my room. I have found however, the image on the tv seems quite a bit darker then the image on my tablet. Has anyone else noticed this? It is the same on all the TV's I've tried, including mine at home. It doesn't make the TV unwatchable but it's not as nice as the tablet. Thanks for any input and advice.

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    I haven't used one, but I always prefer the tablet 18 inches from my eyes to the tv across the room for things like Netflix.

    However, I am curious if some slimport adapters provide better quality than others.

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    Did you try turning the brightness up

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    Yes I have the brightness up all the way. I haven't seen anyone else complain about this so I guess it could just be mine

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