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    Default Google Tracking for stolen device?

    I had hoped i would never be posting for this type of help, but my brand spanking new n7 was stolen last friday the 13th (my bad luck for the day) along with its poetic slimline case and stylus at my high school (i use it as a planner, research, etc) , and i've been trying to track it through google's device manager, but with no success (even though i had location on with lookout installed). I'm wondering, does google legal or tracking services have the ability to manually track its serial number or ip? My friend had an idea of asking the school's techlab director who also manages the schoolwide wifi to see if it had connected in the past couple days, but since he wasn't there, i now have to wait until tomorrow (12/18). the major problem here is that our holiday break starts after this friday, which means i have 3 days to find it if its still at my school. i have filed for a theft report at my hs, but no police report as i know the local pd isnt going to put some kid's stolen tablet at the top of their priorities. I also had the idea of putting on a little sting op, but realistically it won't happen, as awesome as that would be. I have tried pushing androidlost, prey anti-theft, and other apps through the play store, but it never REALLY Confirms if it made it. so i just need advice.
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    Default Re: Google Tracking for stolen device?

    I don't think you can do anything at this point.
    They probably turned the device off. That's what most thieves do.
    Wait until tomorrow and see if the techlab director can help.
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    ouch. so no on the google customer service huh? I would think being that its a nexus device there's some sort of connection that can be accessed by the guys at mountain view or wherever. Asus device tracker is a no go too. I'm starting to think i may have to begin saving up again for a new one :/
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    If someone turns the device off or it is out of wifi range there is nothing anyone can do. There is no way to connect to the device to see where it is. Sorry.
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    Default Re: Google Tracking for stolen device?

    Not sure if Android Device Manager can help you or not... but worth checking.

    As others have said, if your Nexus is off, you're toast. Smart crooks do this and get rid of them quick for cash.

    Head to all the Pawn Shops in your area armed with the serial #. You may get lucky.

    Install AndroidLost on your next device. Awesome app.

    Good luck, hope you find it, and better yet, the crooks.

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