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    Default sound suddely all gone

    Never had a problem with sound on this before but all of the sudden it's all gone. Of course I checked the usual things - volume, silent mode...

    Plugged earphones in to test it - OK with earphones - and then after I removed earphones the speaker sound is back again. I'm afraid that something is going wrong.
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    Default Re: sound suddely all gone

    Is it any particular app that seems to be associated with it? Does rebooting help?

    Try cleaning out the headphone jack with a damp toothpick, in case there's some junk in there that's making a false contact or something.
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    Default Re: sound suddely all gone

    Thanks, as always, for responding, BD.

    No, I don't think it's any particular app. I first noticed it when typing keys became silent - making typing even worse than before for me since I'm a 2 finger typist that doesn't see the screen as I type, and so when the thing does its constant multiple key taps at least I can hear the clickety clack sound, but not when it's silent. Then I tested it out elsewhere and no sound. I googled the problem and somewhere it said that if the earphone works but not the mike it's a hardware problem and needs to be returned.

    No, rebooting didn't help.

    Hopefully inserting and removing the ear phone jack cleaned out the plug.

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