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    Default New Android user, first impressions after rooting

    I have a WiFi 2013 Nexus 7. It is my first android device.
    I successfully rooted it using CWM. I wasn't prepared to mess with a custom ROM and I found the other benefits not compelling enough to keep it rooted and.
    I thought what happens when Google updates 4.4.2? How big of a hassle is it to get upgrades.
    I jailbroke my iPhone until Verizon offered tethering making it no longer worth the hassle.
    Since I got it rooted and back to stock I feel comfortable with the commands to do both.
    With that in mind, how does the upgrade process work? Do you have to hold off on doing the upgrade and wait for an exploit or is it a no brainer each time, where there is no exploit just a normal channel to get rooted?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: New Android user, first impressions after rooting

    Welcome to the forums.
    Nexus devices are usually a little different. Google doesn't hamstring stuff like this. I would say the only difference between staying stock and running a custom ROM like Slim or Cyanogen is the difference of speed. Nexus will get the update several weeks before you see it on either site. However, both custom ROM developers offer more customization to the ROM itself so that maybe worth the wait.

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    Default Re: New Android user, first impressions after rooting

    I used to root and install custom roms on all my devices. I quit rooting my devices after going to Nexus models. For me there was very little upside and I prefer the stock experience and having the latest version of the OS. I hated having to wait for the Rom developer to get their hands on the AOSP drop, update their roms, fix the bugs, etc. It seemed that just when the custom Rom got stabilized Google dropped a new version and the Nexus devices were running it!
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