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    Default Malfunctioning Tablet

    Hello all, I recently got a Nexus 7 and I noticed some problems. Here's a rundown of my problem and any relevant information. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Google Play Music will randomly start playing songs, or pause them, even if the screen is off
    Google Voice Search will randomly launch
    I recently got my tablet as a replacement from Asus. It arrived with an unlocked bootloader, voiding the warranty from day 1
    Its not a problem with the touchscreen or the buttons, but it only happens when I have headphones in so that might be a contributing factor.
    I did install a factory ROM from Google

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    Yikes. Have you tried a factory reset, or at least wiping the cache partition? Instructions here:
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    Relock the bootloader and send it back?

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    I did execute both a factory reset and installed a brand new ROM when that didn't work. I am hesitant to send it back in because I have a lot of events where I need to use it coming up. I was wondering if there is a workaround/if this is a common problem

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    Relock the bootloader it will reload the original OS which is far from the same as a new ROM. Give it a try.

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