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    Default Pages No Longer Auto Flow After Kit Kat Update

    I am a long time user of Evernote and noticed yesterday that when I pinch the screen to zoom in (making text larger), the text no long auto flows to fit the screen...I have to scroll left and right. I thought this was an Evernote issue, so I contacted them. They issued me a support ticket and are researching, but doing my own research, on my Google Nexus 7, I noticed the same issues in Chrome and Gmail. I got updated to Kit Kat last month and I had noticed this in Chrome a couple times, but I thought it was just a specific web page coding or something. Found this in Evernote and Gmail yesterday. My Samsung Galaxy, running Jelly Bean, does not have this issue. I spent an hour on the phone with Google and they said there is not setting to fix this and there is no way to go back to Jelly Bean. I use my tablet for public speaking and adjust text size on the fly depending on where I am, lighting, etc. This is an issue for me.

    Anybody else noticed this problem? I spoke to a supervisor at Google. Any other suggestions?
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    Default Re: Pages No Longer Auto Flow After Kit Kat Update

    Chrome has never auto flowed during pinch zoom for me on my Nexus 7, even with Jelly Bean before the KitKat upgrade.

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