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    Default Nexus 7: Shut Down Wouldn't Restart = Motherboard Stuffed


    Just thought I'd post this in the case of anyone else who may experience the same thing:

    My Nexus 7 is two months old - never been dropped or mistreated. Yesterday, after using the tablet with no problems, I locked the screen and put it down. Returning to it 30 mins later, it appeared to have shut itself down. Trying to restart it was fruitless. After trying all the suggestions on the ASUS website (plugging it into power, holding down the start button, holding down the volume down button blah blah etc etc), it still wasn't working. Plugging it into power showed no signs of life. Plugging it into the computer showed that the Nexus was connected, but nothing else/no access to folders.

    Took it to ASUS in Perth who now have it with the suspicion that the motherboard is kaput, to be replaced.


    I do like the Nexus 7 when it works and it is invaluable as I travel extensively for work. However, this is my 3rd one.....first one (2012) had the usual hard to start after power down issue but otherwise worked fine until one day I picked it up and the screen was cracked. No idea how. So bought a 2013 and had it for 2 weeks and left it on a plane, never to be seen again. Great : ) And now....number three has motherboard issues.

    Maybe Nexus 7 and I aren't meant to be..
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    Default Re: Nexus 7: Shut Down Wouldn't Restart = Motherboard Stuffed

    Welcome to Android Central! How frustrating! Just curious, did you try any of the methods mentioned in this help article?
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    Default Re: Nexus 7: Shut Down Wouldn't Restart = Motherboard Stuffed

    Thank you : )
    Yes that google article was my first port of call and I followed it through A to Z. No response : )

    Now tomorrow I've got seven and a half hours on a plane with only an iPhone for an e-reader. Tisk tisk.
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    Default Re: Nexus 7: Shut Down Wouldn't Restart = Motherboard Stuffed

    yes, it has happened to me , too. but after it randomly shuts down, i had to press on power button for extra long time in order to turn it on again.

    then asus replaced the motherboard.
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    Default Re: Nexus 7: Shut Down Wouldn't Restart = Motherboard Stuffed

    um idk when my old 2013 wifi version wouldnt restart i realized it was something with the power button rather than the board so maybe they just want to make money off of you
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    Default Re: Nexus 7: Shut Down Wouldn't Restart = Motherboard Stuffed


    you mentioned that you had taken it to ASUS in Perth (assuming its ASUS' repair facility/store). Did ASUS charge you for a new motherboard? or is it covered under warranty?

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