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    I bought a N7 this past week from BB. It is a 32G LTE version. It did not come with a sim card. So, I have been perusing all the N7 forums inlcuding this one trying to find a more definitive answer on how to get a sim card and start service. I came up with nothing that made a whole lot of sense. So I went to ATT and got the guy to give me a sim card. Only after he told me he would activate it and I would have to pick a plan. In turn I told him, "you know just like a ipad". I told him the "pay as you go" version. He then proceeded to tell me I/he could only do it if I signed up for a plan. Then if I canceled would be subject to a dis activation fee, So, I said no, " you know just like the ipad" He finally relented and gave me the sim card and I took it home. After some more reading I wound up here https://www.wireless.att.com/GoPhone...=activatePayGo. I know it says go phone but it worked and said my sim card was activated. I then went here https://buyasession.att.com/sbd/ShowLogin.action. Signed up for a "establish new account" went through all the steps and put in cc info selected the $5 plan for 24hrs. Clicked finish. It said I had successfully bought a plan. Got a email saying such. I then rebooted, turned off wifi and upper right hand corner said LTE with a signal. I might add this is the pay as you go aspect of the pad not the recurring payment. It can be if you don't turn it off.

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