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    Default Finally working tablet with broken Volume Up button


    I had some issues with the Nexus 7 2013. I spilled some water on it, let it dry for a day and blew it dry with a hairdryer but very carefully. Now it fires up with just Power + Volume Up. This shows a droid with 'No command'. Any other button combination yields zero results. I can't get into recovery, the bootloader or fast boot. Laptop won't recognise the tablet, only when I just power it on it will find 'QHSUSB_DLOAD' which it can't find any drivers for.

    EDIT: Just as I type this, pressing random buttons all the time resulted into booting into Android!

    But now, I noticed the Volume Up button is not working Guess that's why I couldn't get into the bootloader. But now I want to flash recovery on it, but I can't get intro recovery because Volume Up is not working??

    Any fix for this? Or can I just use the Nexus Root Toolkit to unlock, root and install recovery? Would I be able to access recovery from android (like a 'reboot the recovery' option?). Or swap the buttons so that pressing up is volume down, and down is volume up?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT2: After shutting down we're again at the 'no command' screen :\
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    Default Re: Finally working tablet with broken Volume Up button

    Shut it down and power it off right Now! Do not power it up until you dry it out.

    To dry it out put the tablet in a bag of dry uncooked rice (or other desiccant) for a few days.

    Best of luck.

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    Default Re: Finally working tablet with broken Volume Up button

    After pressing randomly again, the nexus booted. Now to bring it to a repairguy so we can get the volume button fixed. We'll see after that. This topic can be locked. Thanks a bunch.
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    Default Re: Finally working tablet with broken Volume Up button

    Using a hair dryer was the first mistake, when an electronic device gets wet always power down right away. Put in rice then into the refrigerator. Using a heating device like a hair dryer can melt boards and other vital elements. Hope you can get it repaired.

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