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    Default From Nexus 4.4 back to 4.3

    I bought a Nexus 7 4.3 and updated to 4.4. Unfortunately, some of my apps do not run on 4.4 and I want to go back to 4.3. Will a hard factory reset accomplish that? If not, what else?
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    Default Re: From Nexus 4.4 back to 4.3

    No, a factory reset will not revert you back to 4.3. You would have to re-flash a full factory ROM. Bets bet is to contact the developers of the apps with the problem. I am sure they will update them soon anyway.
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    Default Re: From Nexus 4.4 back to 4.3

    The developers are bound to update them for kit kat soon as kit kat is the future. It doesn't make sense in my my opinion to revert back to jellybean.
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    Default Re: From Nexus 4.4 back to 4.3

    get "Nexus Root Toolkit" for Windows.....
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    Default Re: From Nexus 4.4 back to 4.3

    Sorry to say that 4.4 has been a real "bummer" (for me). I've not seen any real advantage to this release. I thought there would be many "under the hood" improvements but that does not seem to be the case. Slower boot-up, slower operation , more power drain, unexpected app actions. Given a choice I'd be back to 4.3 in a heartbeat.

    Anxiously awaiting 4.5
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    Default Re: From Nexus 4.4 back to 4.3

    And on the Tab 3 forums they are *offended* that we're stuck on 4.2.2 yet...
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    Default Re: From Nexus 4.4 back to 4.3

    4.4 is not that good, video playing is laggy. I'll wait for 4.5 (or the next better OS version built for new hardwares, instead of 4.4 optimized for older hardwares) and 4.3 just came out few months ago not long before 4.4.. some developers might felt lazy to do two updates in a short period.

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