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    Default Delete Photos from Gallery

    Seriously? Should it be this hard. With my Google 7 2012, there is a trashcan and you just move the photo to that. I spent two hours today attempting to delete one photo! I mean come on, wheres the trash can????? Help please. Thanks
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    Default Re: Delete Photos from Gallery

    perhaps if you long press on the picture. or maybe highlight the one you want to delete and then use the menu option to delete.
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    Default Re: Delete Photos from Gallery

    Long-pressing the photo is the easiest way, and will bring up the trash can icon at the top, as mentioned above. You can also multi-select photos after long-pressing the first one. This should work on either the Gallery app or the Photos app.
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    Default Re: Delete Photos from Gallery

    already tried that. I held it forever..there is NO DELETE or TRASHCAN anywhere even when you clock on MORE...it lists a million things but not delete. I don't understand why the 2012 had a trashcan option but the 2013 doesn't.
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    Default Re: Delete Photos from Gallery

    Ok, which app are you using? Gallery or Photos? Gallery is the older app based on the original Android Gallery. Photos is part of Google+.

    If you're using Gallery, are you looking at a photo that is locally stored on your device, or a photo stored in your Google+/Picasa cloud album? Gallery can't delete cloud photos. But you can with the Photos app.
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    Default Re: Delete Photos from Gallery

    Hi, Gallery. I just want to be able to delete pics I have saved in my Gallery. thanks
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    Default Re: Delete Photos from Gallery

    And are you certain the photo you're trying to delete is locally stored on your Nexus 7, as opposed to being stored in the cloud in your Google+/Picasa albums?
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    Default Re: Delete Photos from Gallery

    Oh I think I know what the problem is. In the top left corner under the folder name (camera) does it say grid view or filmstrip view? If its filmstrip view change it to grid view. For some reason it will only allow me to select and delete pictures in grid view.
    Long press on the picture and a bunch of icons including the trash can will be on the upper right.

    Edit- You can also just swipe downwards in filmstrip view to delete photos. I even has an undo button if u swiped down on accident.

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    Default Re: Delete Photos from Gallery

    Good catch. In Filmstrip View, you can't long press, but you can still press the menu button and select Delete from there.

    What I mentioned before about local vs cloud photos in Gallery is still valid, though. If you're viewing a cloud album in Gallery, you can't swipe the photo away in Filmstrip View, nor is the Delete option available in the menu.

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