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    AOKP PUB / Franco Kernel

    Default I know I am late to the party but I love my Nexus Q!!

    Buying a nexus 4 prompted me to upload all of my music to google music. After doing so and reading Jerry's "things I used in 2012 post" I saw that he mentioned he has a Nexus Q and loves it.

    It started to make more sense to me as to appeal of this thing once you upload all of your music to the cloud. I wanted to beef up my downstairs entertainment center set up and realized I could stream all my music to the Q and also use it as a receiver to hook speakers to. Not to mention control it from any room in the house with my nexus 7 or 4 with out having my computer powered on or involved. Found one on craigslist in SF for $150 and jumped on it. Super happy with it so far.

    I already unlocked it's bootloader but am tempted not to mess with it since it seems to accomplish most of what I am looking for. Would really appreciate a netflix app but based on what I have seen it looks like the rom'd Nexus Q's are sort of janky and need to be controlled via a blue tooth keyboard and hot keys. It would be amazing if some one made an app to use the nexus 7 as a touch pad controller to navigate the Qs launcher interface. =\

    Let me know any tips or recommendations for this thing! Has any one rom'd theirs? Do you recommend it?

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