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    Default Lost WiFi and laggy boot ups after update to 4.4.2. Is there a quicker fix?

    Note: this is technically an HTC edition of the One M8, but I gutted it with stock android like a boss, but that shouldn't matter since the rom was perfect until this update...

    I understand that the only fix for this seemingly common issue may be the only option I have at this point, and that is a factory reset, but just as a sort of last resort to the vigorous googling i've been doing in an attempt to find a solution that doesn't involve resetting my phone.

    The problem: My wifi seems unresponsive. The on/off switch moves, but nothing lights up and no routers appear (not even saved ones). The bluetooth is fine, and I tried a quick power cycle which caused me to find out the other problem possibly linked to the main one :
    The boot up is incredibly laggy for a good minute or two until it suddenly feels like snapping into action and working smoothly (minus the WiFi).

    I guess you could say I'm too lazy to have to get all my apps back to where I originally put them. It would be easier this time since all the apps would return via my play account. I would still much rather use a quicker solution to this problem if there is one. I already spent hours on the logistics of putting stock android on this thing.

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