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    Default Error [DF-PFA-02]

    Hello all,

    I just got my Nexus 4 today, have it up and running with Straight Talk (AT&T), still totally stock on 4.2.2.
    Play Store app is on version 3.10.14

    Trying to open up the Play Store but I'm getting this error...
    "Error retrieving information from server. [DF-PFA-02]"

    Any clues on why this might be happening or how I might solve it and get back to the normal Play Store home screen?
    Haven't found anything on the forums or much anywhere else online.

    Other notes:
    I've tried clearing the data, clearing the cache, uninstalling updates, rebooting the phone. Nothing seems to work so far.
    Tried connecting on WiFi and on AT&T data.
    I'm still able to do searches for apps and download them, as well as updating apps by clicking "my apps". If I'm looking at "Installed" and I click <My Apps, it also takes me back to the error message instead of the regular Play Store home.
    Other Google apps seem to work just fine.

    Much thanks guys.
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    I have the same error on my nexus 7.
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    I have the same issue on my Galaxy Note 2...just started yesterday night. I've tried data clearing, cache clearing, etc. I am still able to update my apps though and I can still search too. Hopefully it's an issue with Google and not my phone.
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    Checked again this morning... still getting the error.
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    I can click my favorites, search, ect. Looks like only the front page is hosed. The other Nexus 7 in the house rcved the new play store update last night. So I cleared the data and uninstalled the update, rebooted. And then.........still had the error. A small pox on you Google.
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    Having the same issue on my galaxy s4 so cleared cache /reset no luck same issue it on 3.0....so I I have a solution for now download new Google play store 4.0.25 apk.file from droid life and it works now make sure in settings /security/unknown sources/ is check.good luck here's the link Download: Latest Google Play Store 4.0.27
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    Thank you for the solution!
    I found and downloaded the latest Google Play Store. v4.0.27 and now the Play Store is working again!
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    Having the same problem on my EVO 3D. But only when trying to access Play Music.

    3VO via ACF
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    I took the nuclear option with a factory rest. Fixed it and got the new play store too.
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    I have same issue on my nexus 7 except I can open all of the play store sections except for the play music section.
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    Default Re: Error [DF-PFA-02]

    I didn't get around to sideloading the most up to date version of the Play Store, but it must have updated on its own. The error is now gone and I have the normal homescreen of the app now.

    So if you get this problem, maybe just wait a couple days and it will fix itself?
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