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    Default Google play country restrictions continue after all attempts

    Okay i would appreciate any and all help given... basically my problem is this... I just bought a HTC One.. This is my first android phone and I love it BUT i'm limited by the amount/type of apps i can download because i live in a 3rd world south american country.
    I have check/researched various ways to bypass the google country restrictions, i have tried
    1) creating a VPN on my device (Doesn't connect, i think it might be a wifi modem error)
    2) Rooting device and installing Marketunlocker and Market enabler
    3) masking my laptops IP and then going on my Google account to download from there
    *Note* I also cleared the Google play store cache on my phone
    I keep getting "This item isn't available in your country" when search and find the apps i'm looking for on the play store.
    anybody have any ideas what i could do or where I might have made a mistake ?? :/ :?

    All i wanna do is install a few good games on it and apps.. because all the available apps are literally crap

    Please and thank you
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    Default Re: Google play country restrictions continue after all attempts

    google has stepped up their restrictions. Check your google wallet where is your home country there? are you able to change it?

    There is a thread at xda where apps are being posted that have been restricted. Obviously this is only for free apps

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