what happened exactly began when i change my home address at Google Wallet to my shipping address @ USA and actually i live in Saudi Arabia so my PlayStore Account now refuse to accept any payment method either credit card or Redeem card and always give me this message
Uh oh. There was a problem.
We couldn't start your purchase because of a technical issue.
Details of the problem below:
Sorry, we were unable to process this request. Any charge will be automatically cancelled within 24 hours. Please try again after 24 hours.

I try to use different credit cards or buy different applications/music/books and always the same result "This payment Method has been declined" so i add my credit card to my friend play store account to try it and my card work fine with him also i try to get a Redeem card and charge my account by 25$ so the account charged but still cant buy anything and play store refuse both method of payment
now i have 2 payment method in google wallet and both not working

any idea ???