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    Lightbulb My app is hard to find in the play store


    1 Month ago I've uploaded an app i developed to the play store.
    The app is still hard to find in the play store.
    It's even quite impossible to find it. What can i do to improve this?
    The app has an unique name, doenederland.

    When i search for doenederland, it's not in the first 250 results. When you search with "doenederland" it's the first hit. But people don't search with the "".

    Please advise.


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    Default Re: My app is hard to find in the play store

    Nobody any suggestions?
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    Default Re: My app is hard to find in the play store

    No, because I have no idea how that works. But I agree, I have tried looking for specific apps I saw but did not bookmark and could never find them again. But thanks to your post, now I know to add the quotation marks. So thank you very much for that. :thumbup:

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