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    Cool Arrow 3D - I just released my third android game

    Hey puzzle-fans out there!
    Have a look at my newest game called "Arrow 3D".

    Get it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ctions.arrow3d

    The game takes place in 3D-Space. To win, you have to navigate the blue ball towards the green goal zone. To achieve that, you can use arrows to change the ball's traveling direction. Be careful to navigate around the red obstacles. Every level is bounded by a grid (or a cage), which the ball can't escape. If it exits at one end, it will re-enter at the opposite side. This sometimes has to be used cleverly in order to solve all levels. For the puzzling-pros out there, you will have to make intelligent reuse of arrows to achieve the 3-star solution.

    Arrow 3D - I just released my third android game-bildschirmfoto-2014-03-24-um-16.36.16.jpg

    A tutorial is provided in game. I also recored a walkthrough of the tutorial for those who have troubles:
    Also there are three level packages with increasing difficulty.

    I hope you have fun trying my little game. Your feedback is very appreciated!
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    Default Re: Arrow 3D - I just released my third android game

    Good luck with your game! Thanks for sharing.
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    Default Re: Arrow 3D - I just released my third android game

    Thank you wizzrah for your answer!

    Did you actually try it out yet? I'm really curious about feedback to hopefully be able to push user numbers across the usual 18 I've been stuck with lately...
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    Default Re: Arrow 3D - I just released my third android game

    I've done the first video of a 3-star walkthrough series:

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