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    Default Now a new problem with my Co-Star

    I was watching tv last night and all of a sudden i have a whole line of pixels go out. i changed hdmi cable same problem. i plugged the the hdmi cable straight from the directtv box and the line went away so i know its the co-star box. i contacted vizio through live chat last night and they told me it was because my screen size settings were wrong. so i adjusted my screen size to match my tv but it was still there. so they told me i needed to contact my tv manufacture. i kept telling them it wasnt my tv that it was the co-star but all they would say was that they couldnt help me arrrr
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    Default Re: Now a new problem with my Co-Star

    Have you tried a factory reset of the Co-Star?
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    Default Re: Now a new problem with my Co-Star

    i tried that. i did not help i still have a line going through the picture. it only does it when i watch live tv. if im watching YouTube or on the internet its not there.
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    Default Re: Now a new problem with my Co-Star

    This helps with a lot of issues: go to Settings>Video>Video Resolution and change it to Auto then reboot.

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