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    Default Can't share AND add photos to existing albums?

    From the Android app there seems to be no way to share a photo to google+ while also adding it to an existing album. This functionality exists from the web. This causes a lot of problems for me because I take loads of pictures of my kids. When I share them, it gives me the option to enter a NEW album name but not add them to an existing album. Let's say I take a photo in the morning, share it, also add it to a new album. Then after work I pick them up, take some pics, upload them to yet another album. Then get home and play outside, upload those photos, and new album. That's 3 albums, in one day. Now I can go move them to the appropriate albums, but it's added steps from the web and also it breaks the link to the other photos that were in the original google+ post.

    So, am I missing something, or is it just not possible to share photos from your phone to google+ AND add them to an existing album? Thanks.
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    Default Re: Can't share AND add photos to existing albums?

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    Default Re: Can't share AND add photos to existing albums?

    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Williams6 View Post
    This is not for Google+, it is for the folders in your phone

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