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    Default [APP] My Heart - blood pressure log

    I’m new here so hello everyone!

    I’m a software developer, but Android is my first opportunity to try my strength in mobile applications. I couldn’t find in Google Play any app for logging my blood pressure measurements that is simply fast in use and good looking. That was a good opportunity to try creating something by myself.
    To not duplicate information from Google Play I will just quote description.

    My Heart is an application designed for people who suffer from either high or low blood pressure, as well people who like to have everything under control. Application allows you to collect very quickly any necessary information and their analysis. Thanks to the storage of all information in your smartphone you don’t have to gather all data before your check-up as well as you wouldn’t be afraid of losing any of them. Application has very friendly user interface and is enriched with many useful features, for instance:
    • Sliders which give you a possibility of choosing numbers extremely fast
    • Saving your data in history book which you can edit and review any time you want
    • Creation of line charts for chosen data as well as trends
    • Scaling your chart to a period of time which you would like to see
    • Interactive chart which you can operate by touch
    • Ability to import your previously collected data from memory card
    • Ability to export data collected in your smartphone to spreadsheet

    Many thanks in advance for any comments, criticisms, tests and so on

    Google Play:

    I also strongly encourage to follow my webpages, where I share information about my apps:

    Google Plus:

    Kind Regards,
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    Default Re: [APP] My Heart - blood pressure log

    If you ever since maintain your health of heart than please make a contact with the morning walk , simple foods.

    post any comments

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    Default Re: [APP] My Heart - blood pressure log

    New version is available for download. I have added very big and extremely useful feature called TAGS. Now, when you don't have time to type a description of your measurement, you can simply choose tags from the list. You can create by yourself your tags, modify them and delete (by long clicking an item of the list).

    Few more changes have been made like, sending your data with e-mail, legend in a chart or some corrections of little bugs.

    Hope you like it!
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    Default Re: [APP] My Heart - blood pressure log

    I have released new version with support for german, russian and spanish language. Furthermore I have corrected few bugs in GUI.
    I know that this app don't apply to most of you, but I will be very grateful if you will try it out and share your opinion. what you disliked, what you would change or what is OK. Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: [APP] My Heart - blood pressure log


    I have released lately next . User interface improved a lot and what's more, I have added features usually avaliable only in paid version of apps of that kind.

    - Improved user interface design
    - Removed a bug that caused the lack of certain features on tablets
    - Fixed problem with sending emails
    - Added statistics based on blood pressure categories defined by JNC (Joint National Committee)
    - Added the ability to share application
    - Added the ability to set the numbers scroll speed

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    Default Re: [APP] My Heart - blood pressure log


    I have released new version of my Blood Pressure application. Lots of new features, check it out!

    Key features:
     Outstanding and easy to use User Interface
     Data tracking:
    o Innovative TAGS feature
    o Date and Time
    o Blood pressure: Systolic and Diastolic
    o Pulse
    o Comment / description
    o Weight
     Support for many users
     Interactive graphs which shows you your blood pressure trend and your condition with a glance of an eye!
     Statistics
     Send your data to your doctor of whoever you want in 5 seconds!
     Export data to:
    o CSV
    o XML
     Reminders - you will never forget to take your measurement
     Filters - countless possibilities in your hand. You decide what data you show, analyze or send!
     Themes - choose look of your application

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    Default Re: [APP] My Heart - blood pressure log


    Brand new version of the app is available in the Google Play. Among others it introduces a huge change: PDF Reports. They include statistics, diagrams, graphs and data history. Everything in one file that you can send or print directly from the device. Please see below for example report:

    Moreover I have changed a help page address, so now it's easier to remember:

    Among other changes, now points in graph indicates with it's color a blood pressure category of a measurement. With that graphs are even more functional now!

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    Default Re: [APP] My Heart - blood pressure log

    Cool Apps. Is there also an application that can detect person's level of emotional and mental stress? Thanks.

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