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    Default Best Bodybuilding app.

    So. my N4 is finally shipping.
    Hooray for me.

    I am currently using Jefit, but am wondering if there might be a better option for android. Ive heard of gymrat, but havent ever used it as I am on iphone right now.

    What it needs to have:
    The ability to easily and quickly reorder the exercises in a muscle group you are currently working out.
    The ability to quickly tell you what you last lifted last time you worked that exercise.
    The ability to easily create your own exercises
    An easy to navigate UI

    What I would like it to have:
    Only shows routine to work if you have not worked that routine in the past 5 days.... or at least tells you when you last performed X routine.
    The ability to track how far you have run/ hiked (may need a different app for this one)
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    Very simple to find it in Apple store.. same kind of apps according to your requirements Such as Easy Gym Log, Body Shop Fitness App, Daily Leg Workout, Gorilla Workout and Fitness Tips.
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    GymGoal ABC helps newbies learn the basics of bodybuilding.
    This app consists of a data source of over 280 workouts described in written guidelines and cartoon cases. It also includes a minimum of 39 strength-training workouts and about 24 aerobic workouts.
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    Fitocracy works well and has tracking capabilities on thier website also
    If you want to have a workout made for you:
    Bodbot - free and very easy for beginers to get a workout in and start lifting.

    Best weight lifting app for serious lifters or people on a legit program that has tracking capabilities?
    Google drive.
    I upload my 5/3/1 spreadsheet and track it all through there, and it has pages for each month(12 before you reset) as well as each week's liftings schedule.
    I open drive, and google music strap the phone to my forearm, fire up the BT headphones, and it's my world for 2 hours every day.
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    You should check out GymProvise (). It is a paid app that's a Workout Tracker, Workout Planner, Exercise Directory, Progress Tracker and general fitness companion.

    It's got 350+ exercises with images and instructions, lets you setup your Training Program in minutes, supports advanced training techniques like Supersets & Dropsets, and enables you to easily track your Workout in real time with many tracking features e.g. Rest Timer/Stopwatch. It also has a bunch of great Charts to see your progress, and lets you post summaries of your Workouts to Facebook, if you choose.

    All of the "need to have" features stated by the OP (exercise reordering, view last logs easily when tracking, creating custom exercises, intuitive UI) are built into the app.

    It was designed and built by a small group each of whom have more than 10 years of training experience. We know our way around a Gym and we think that is pretty well reflected in the app. We also know that a bodybuilding/fitness app should not disrupt or intrude into Workouts by being cumbersome and difficult to use, otherwise it defeats the purpose of said app.

    DISCLAIMER: I am one of the founders
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    Jefit and Calorie counter & diet tracker by myfitnesspal,
    both are good...but I mostly preferred Jefit...great app.
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    INSANE WORKOUT TRAINER can do the things you want.

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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    very nice apps
    4Fitting fitness app
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    I can really recommend ShepeUp for calorie counting, and Building a perfect Body Plan has a very good know how. Here is a blog with good .
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    Jefit and diet tracker are too good apps for you. They are so interesting and I assure you, you can enjoy these apps. Appreciating your efforts for sharing this valuable post with us.

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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    Check out Redy Gym Log. It is simpler and easier to use than Jefit and it looks nice too.
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    Muscle Builder for Android is a good app.
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    Jefit for me

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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    iCountTimer does the job for me. Its sleek, simple and handy.

    Google Play link:
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    Default Re: Best Bodybuilding app.

    I am looking for an app that will have machines listed instead of free weights. I have started a circuit at my gym that is all machines and I am trying to find one that has the machines listed and I can input reps and weight amount. I looked at JeFit and the only had about a third of the machines listed.
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