I added music to my HP Slate 7, and for some reason certain characters ( , , , etc) are coming up as weird symbols, looks sort of like chinese symbols. The weird thing, is that there are two of the same artist, both with the same spelling, but one seems to be corrupted. I provided screen shots to give a better idea.

The firmware was updated, and that didnt seem to change anything. Ive tried editting the tags with multiple editors, re-adding the media, and resetting the tablet. The symbols do not appear until the media is put on the tablet. I can edit them to where theyll be normal, but as soon as I add them to the tablet the symbols appear, and the symbols appear when I remove the media from my tablet and onto my computer. Ive an ASUS tablet that has the same exact media, and it does not have this issue.
Im running Android 4.1.1 (Jellybean I think).


Anyone else have this issue? If so how you resolve it?

Thanks in advanced!