So i have 2 problems concerning the connection between my htc desire x phone and my samsung laptop with windows 8.
1. When i connect my phone with cable to the laptop neither the phone or laptop responds. usually the phone will ask if i want to charge or transfer files. now it just starts charging and nothing happens. the laptop does nothing. it says nothing is connected. i tried to download a sync program but later on i read that htc cant sync with windows 8.
2. ok then. since the cable wont work i tried to send my files from the computer to the phone using bluetooth. a normal music file take like one hour to send! wtf. before i had a htc desire s. it recieved the music file whitin 1 minute or so.
Its really bugging me alot. I would be thankful for any answers!
Ps. im not so brilliant when it comes to laptop or phone talk. = use simple words, no shortcut writing and try to write as if u wrote to an *****.
Thanks alot!