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    Default Virgin Mobile HTC Desire, 2013 release

    So now that there's a new HTC Desire, is there going to be a separate forum for it? This is going to get confusing. Virgin Mobile USA is simply calling it the HTC Desire.

    Elsewhere, I've seen that model referred to as the Desire 601, even though VM doesn't use the numerical designation.

    HTC Desire (601) announced for Virgin Mobile | Android Central

    I've been referring to it as the HTC One Minus, since it clearly borrows so much from the HTC One and HTC One Mini.

    Regardless, can we get a new forum set up to talk about this thing? Mine is due to arrive in 3-5 days, and I'll need someplace to gripe about things!
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    Default Re: Virgin Mobile HTC Desire, 2013 release

    I've got mine, and don't really have much to gripe about.

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