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    Default HTC Desire 601 WiFi not connecting

    I've had my Desire 601 for a week now. Overall, I'm very pleased, but the WiFi behavior leaves much to be desired. I have two access points in my home, and I could be right next to either one and the Desire 601 says "not in range."

    Other phones work fine. Laptops work fine. The Desire won't see these networks until I toggle WiFi off and on again.

    And when I really am out of range, the Desire won't drop the connection until I toggle WiFi off.

    I haven't yet observed this behavior on public, non-encrypted networks, but I'll check that out later tonight. I should also mention that my networks are set to not broadcast their SSIDs, so I'll make note of that as a factor or not.

    Anybody else seeing this behavior from their Desire 601?

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    Default Re: HTC Desire 601 WiFi not connecting

    I've only had my Desire 601 for 4 days. I stream music (for hours) from my home server via WiFi. I have connected without problem to my home WiFi and several public WiFis. I haven't really had any dis-connect issues.

    The Desire 601 is a sweet phone. Everything seems to work well. So far I'm loving it.
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    Default Re: HTC Desire 601 WiFi not connecting

    I found out what the problem was on my phone. Sprint's Connection Optimizer application was stepping in and over-riding my wifi on/off and network-preference choices. So it was trying to connect me with networks that didn't have a strong enough signal for that location.

    I don't doubt that you haven't had problems - yet! But from what I've read about Connection Optimizer, it's only a matter of time before you do.

    Turn it off via Settings / Mobile Data / Automatic Connections / UN-CHECK Connections Optimizer.

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