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    Default Strange Issue(Auto Touch) with Touch on HTC Desire X

    I have been facing with this strange issue. The touch screen acts as if it is being touched even when I am not touching the screen.

    First, I couldn't understand what was happening as calls were getting disconnected or answered automatically. Then, I turned the Show visual Feedback for touches from the developer options in settings. I could now clearly see the screen is detecting a touch on its own.

    I Factory resetted the device from the settings and from Bootloader as well. But, the issue comes back.

    Please help me with this issues.
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    Default Re: Strange Issue(Auto Touch) with Touch on HTC Desire X

    Having had the HTC Sensation in-hand for about a week, our unit has developed some troubling issues with its touchscreen. Namely, the panel often misses first presses, and also struggles with fast brushing movements.
    The first issue results in great frustration when typing, as auto-correction of words does not work without the first letter. It also means you often have to tap several times on icons on the homescreen to launch an application.
    With the second problem, the malfunctioning results in very choppy scrolling, in the app drawer or in Twitter applications such as TweetDeck. Frequently the touchscreen will register a brushing touch as a press, and will select whatever your finger happened to be passing over at the time. This leads to unwanted opening of applications when scrolling through your app drawer. The touchscreen's aberrant behaviour also makes it very difficult to unlock the touchscreen in a swift, natural motion. The unlocking gesture must be done very slowly and deliberately to avoid failure.
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------YouTube Link for problem (Check Out !) First !!=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk1BlXZQDrU
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    Default Re: Strange Issue(Auto Touch) with Touch on HTC Desire X

    My HTC desire X is operating all by itself (auto touch) without me touching it. and is driving me crazy. Is there any solution

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