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    Default HTC Desire Build Materials

    Can anyone give me some info on the materials HTC used in building the Desire? Specifically, I'm wondering if the screen is glass, and, is the body plastic or an alloy (such as an aluminum alloy)?

    Thanks for any information. I appreciate it very much.

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    From what I could tell from the excellent reviews here at AC, the Desire is basically made of the same materials as the Nexus one: glass screen, plastic body.
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    It is very well built with the materials mentioned in the post above mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joene92 View Post
    From what I could tell from the excellent reviews here at AC, the Desire is basically made of the same materials as the Nexus one: glass screen, plastic body.
    Is the Plastic a high-quality plastic or a cheap feeling plastic?
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    Talking MicroUSB Chargers and the HTC Desire

    I have an HTC Desire, and so far I love it. I am a Blackberry Convert. I actually read most of the manual on this one!

    The manual says "use only HTC Desire chargers." Well, I have many microusb chargers around the house and they fit, so I have used them. I did have one issue where I was unable to call out. I called customer service and was directed to do a battery pull. The phone worked.

    I was then advised to only use the charger that came with the phone OR that was specific to that phone. I had just bought an extra microUSB charger (universal) from the carrier phone store.

    The phone store salesperson told me any microUSB charger is ok. I heard the same thing from another customer service person.

    So now I am asking the group...can I use other microUSB chargers on the HTC Desire?
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    It's made of glass, plastic and aluminum. The entire front of the phone is aluminum, the back and the battery cover is high-quality plastic with a rubbery feel to it, which gives you a better grip.

    Beverly: Yes, you can use any microUSB-cable to charge it. All USB-cables follow strict standard guidelines and may not be sold unless they stick to said guidelines. I use the cable that came with the phone at home, but at work I use many different ones, mostly depending on what I can find at the time.
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    It was my understanding that any micro USB charger will work, but the differences in voltage and amps can damage or shorten your battery life.

    That is why they recommend the use of charger made speciffically for your phone.
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    Glass for the screen, good quality hard plastic for the grey parts, and rubberized plastic for the black ones.

    Feels solid in the hands. Dont worry about the build quality
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    Default Re: HTC Desire Build Materials

    I disagree. Body isn't plastic at all. Specifically Desire S.

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