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    Post Re: Picked Up a 64GB Micro SD Card

    You got a deal. I just bought one At Microcenter in MN for $60.

    Anyway, Do what EVO4ken did above. I did same thing. Going into Stroage settings after putting the Scandisk 64gb card into the phone did no help. The only option enabled in the settings was to mount the card and this did no help...obviously since there was not a usable file format on the SD card. It was Microsoft exFAT formatted by default from SanDisk. But the Notification bar came up with an icon that looked like a storage card when the phone rebooted so I opened the notification bar and there was a notification about a storage card and I clicked on it and it asked me if I wanted to format the card. Once I did, then I could upload the backed up files form my PC over USB.

    Of course, before all installing the 64gb card into the phone I backed up everything on my 8GB oem (Scandisk brand also) storage card to the PC. Twice. Compared the backups and ensured they matched. I had some really long file names from an app I had on the phone that were too long for windows, but I did not care. They were PNGs from the app of peoples profile pics that I communicated with through the app...it was Zynga app. They will be re-downloaded from Zynga.

    Now I have ALL my music, etc. on the phone after syncing with itunes on my PC (using Sync Tunes paid version). Good Luck. Hope this helps!
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