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    Default Downgraded to Hboot 1.4, how to install radios?

    Hi there, I downgraded to Hboot S-Off 1.4 yesterday from 1.5, and now I'm on 1.13 for the software and Android 2.3.3. My question is, how do I go about getting back to 2.17 and Android 2.3.4 without accidentally going back to hboot 1.5? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Download a 2.17 rom and flash it. Use a sense one to update prl etc. (not firmware) if needed and your good to flash whatever. Of course this is assuming you already have custom recovery. I down graded like a week ago. So awesome.
    Edit: Or... download the radio and follow the directions on the page where you got it. Your s-off now bro. Your in control. Get a new splash screen too...
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    Default Re: Downgraded to Hboot 1.4, how to install radios?

    use this it will get you back on 2.17...

    you can be 1.5 and s-off, once your s-off always s-off

    and if you like splash screens heres some awsome ones, just ask kfunk he will make you a custom one or i can if you have a pic in mind

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