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    Default Voice Recorder- Issue or operator error?

    Has anyone messed with the included voice recorder? Either there is an issue or I am doing something wrong. It seems pretty straight forward, but have tried recording a lecture with it twice now and missed a huge part of them.

    I am using the HTC voice recorder widget to start the recording.

    The first time I recorded, I held the phone for 2min. then set in on a desk then picked it up & held it at the end for a minute. I think it maybe only recorded when I was holding the phone because the entire recording was three minutes long and there is a huge gap in the recording.

    The next time I tried I immediately set it on the desk and it only recoded like 4minutes of a 45min lecture.

    Has anybody had any success with this?
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    Default Re: Voice Recorder- Issue or operator error?

    Hey, there. So I'm resurrecting this year old thread to see if anyone was able to figure out this issue. I have a eve 3d that is doing exactly this, but much worse. An for long conversation? Saved as one minute.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...TIA
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    Default Re: Voice Recorder- Issue or operator error?

    Never had an issue at all. I use it several times a week to record notes for work, sometimes a minute long, sometimes 7 or 8. I do not normally use the widget, though I have a few times. I normally use the full app. I finish the recording and save the file, sometimes renaming it, sometimes not. Never a single problem at all. The only thing I can say is that it doesn't seem to capture audio worth a damn if I have my BT headset connected. I learned that a long time ago, so I always shut the headset down before I start to record.
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    Default Re: Voice Recorder- Issue or operator error?

    I've never used the widget either, only the full app. But I've only used to to record shorts notes to myself, less than 2 minutes long. I've never had a problem, but you're definitely exploring a different usage case.
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    I'm having the exact same problem with truncated audio files on my EVO 3D. Don't know if this is helpful info, but it's not limited to the stock Voice Recorder app. I downloaded and installed another voice recorder app and a phone call recorder app and they both exhibit the same behavior. Would love to know if anyone has solved this mystery -- it's very frustrating!
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    Well, I didn't find a solution to the problem. Just chose a different voice recorder app that seems to be way better than the stock app.

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