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    Default Foxfi wifi help!!!

    Has anybody with ics update has been able to use foxfi wifi hotspot capability on the evo 3d WITHOUT root??? Cuz the only thing I've been able to use is the Bluetooth DUN capabilities. The Bluetooth works good, but some apps don't have access to internet, and the tablet (ASUS Transformers Pad TF300T) says there's no internet.

    Also in the foxfi app theirs a part were is says Hash code but nothing is there, where my dad has the same app and the hash code is written there. Any help would be appreciated. And if theirs another thread with this topic, please show me.
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    Yes please if anybody can chime in for unrooted users....

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    Default Re: Foxfi wifi help!!!

    Simple, just turn on the wifi. I've found that lets the app that need internet access think they are connected traditionally.
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    Default This worked with my SG2 after that last update

    This will not work if your hotspot isnt visable but it did solve the problem of resolving an ip address for my mabookpro and W7 netbook

    I cleared the catch on both foxfi and the plus then uninstalled both. I went to my wireless connection on my laptop and right clicked for status and then selected properties. I then clicked on the ipv4 item and selected properties. I changed the ip setting from auto to manual and imputed the following.

    Please write down you existing DNS address, both of them, before you do this, you can access in the details tab in the previous window.

    Ip address:

    Subnet mask

    Gateway Ip

    Manualy input your old DNS into the appropriate box's and hit okay > close > close

    go to your phone, reinstall both foxfi and foxfi plus, open foxfi and look at the hash tag that says do not change. write that hash down and then click on it. It will bring up a blank window were you will enter the hash you just copied down. with wifi already enabled on your device, begin a hotspot.

    DO NOT TURN THE PROXY ON. I have not been able to affect that feature on my device without suffering loss of connectivity.

    I would love to hear feedback on your success with thIis. If it works for most Ill redo this with some better instructions and screen shots.

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    Default Re: Foxfi wifi help!!!

    Try Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether, it works great and no root necessary

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    Default Re: Foxfi wifi help!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Imnutsnj View Post
    Try Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether, it works great and no root necessary

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    Just tried it on my ICS EVO3D, It does not work.
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    Default Re: Foxfi wifi help!!!

    Started right up on my HTC EVO 3D. Which Android version are you running?

    Give this a try :
    Download, install and run Telhoc Alpha, put in both the user name and password exactly as it says, after Telhoc Alpha starts, close the app. Now download, install and run Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether and it should be working as it should.
    I think that when you install Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether it looks for previous hotspot login info.

    Good luck!

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