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    Default So evo3d probably going to have locked bootloader?

    If Sensation has one, evo3d probably will to. Now I'm hoping the galaxy s2 comes out around the same time. Does this change anyone elses decision?
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    HTC devices have the best dev community, I'm sure they will find a way around it. Its just a matter of time.
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    And I did about 5 minutes of googling which androidcentral should have done and found this:

    No need to panic about 'locked' bootloader - Android Forums

    Not very concerned now.
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    Locked or not, devs will find a way around it. Kind of sucks that HTC is going that route now though. They've been pretty open up until this point.
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    I'm not worried. The thunderbolt was locked and i believe they already have custom roms
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    I think every existing HTC phone to this point has been locked and signed. I don't see this as being any different than the EVO 4G and Incredible. Look how fast the EVO 4G was rooted and how many custom ROMs it has. Far as I can tell, this is a non-issue.
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    I have to agree I'm not worried at all as I want to give the new sense a few months before rooting anyway. Now if columbia SC would ever get 4g I would be in geek heaven lol

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