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    Default Re: Initial Thoughts on Evo 3D - Post Them Here!

    Had mine for about a week, coming from a Blackberry Bold on BES to EVO 3D using Good Enterprise.

    My EVO 3D blows away the Blackberry in just about every way except sound quality and battery life. But it's still perfectly usable for me and does so much more that I don't miss the Bold at all. Well, OK, I admit sometimes I miss how easy the BB was to use one-handed. Maybe that will improve as I get used to it. And maybe some things that should be simple to do aren't (like enabling swype - why is that not under keyboard settings or in the swype tutorial - or applications with no "close" option). Also being able to override default app security settings on the BB was nice - I'm sure there's an app for that with Android but haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Bought for the performance and because it was on sale, 3D did not factor in the decision. But now that I have used 3D, it will be a factor from now on (although not one of the main factors). Better than an iPhone for my priorities as well, no question about it.

    After using Blackberrys for two years was concerned about battery life. Wife bought the purple version. Her battery lasts almost 3 days with light use. Mine lasts the whole day with moderate use. Not great, but good enough. Overall pretty happy so far.
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    Default Re: Initial Thoughts on Evo 3D - Post Them Here!

    Wow, where to start... I'll just sum up everything in two words Totally Awesome! Enough said.
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    Just long press where you would press to bring up the keyboard, options will pop up to select your default keyboard.

    love my evo.
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    Default Re: Initial Thoughts on Evo 3D - Post Them Here!

    Quote Originally Posted by fab107 View Post
    Had this phone now for a couple of weeks and pretty much already loving it, although a couple of things have given me trouble from time to time. One, being the e-mail syncing not being consistent and the other having to play with the camera quite a bit to get it to where I would like it to be. Overall though, so far it is easily the best phone I have ever owned.

    I have the Otterbox Defender case for it and although it feels good to know the phone is so well protected and it has a nice grip to it, this case makes the phone too bulky and can barely fit in my pockets.

    I'm coming from a BlackBerry Torch 9800.
    Besides the Otterbox case this post pretty much describes my thoughts too. Although I'd like to add in that the Torch 9800 at least let you switch songs by pushing one of the volume buttons for a few seconds, it was convenient and the Evo 3D doesn't have that little feature sadly. Overall though I'm very happy with this phone.
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    Default Re: Initial Thoughts on Evo 3D - Post Them Here!

    I got the 3d as a replacement for my EVO it seems quicker at opening apps. The only thing I really need to get used to is the camera button it seems to stick out a little too far.
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