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    Default Gmail vs Mail app

    I've not really read much of anything about the mail app on sense 4 or how it compares to gmail... Usually I just ignore whatever mail app comes pre-loaded on phones because all of my accounts are forwarded into gmail anyway. I was curious and set up one of my gmail accounts in the mail app just for fun. I found myself surprised that I liked so many of the stock sense apps, so I wanted to give mail a try.

    I see that it feels very smooth with the elastic scrolling and everything. Pinch to zoom in messages is awesome, but you can't zoom out past the default which is kind of annoying. Having tabs on the bottom for undread/favorites is kind of helpful, but switching folders within an account seems to take an extra step as compared to gmail, and as for favorites, I didn't actually see a way to star things as you can natively in gmail.

    The app is very smooth and friendly and I love the sense "look" especially with the brushed aluminum skin that I oh-so love, but I was just wondering if anyone has any more experience with the mail app. Does it have any powerful or helpful features over gmail, or does it have added integration with the other stock HTC apps? Or is it relatively pointless to use unless you're syncing a non-gmail account?

    I hope this doesn't come across as a bunch of dumb questions. I'm just curious is all!
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    On all my older phones I would use gmail and yahoo apps like u. The stock mail always scrapped out on me before so I would never use them. One time I had to bc it wouldn't even open my email so I could read it period.

    I like this stock mail tho. U can just select all accounts and it mixes your mail so it looks like one inbox. Think u could do that previously, but it is color coded with tabs on the side so u know what account which piece of mail is from.

    Don't believe it really syncs with anything special in particular like u asked. But, if u don't root your phone and restore the apple patents u will have to select email defaults. That is hard to do when u have multiple accounts and u wish u could select gmail or yahoo but can't. With stock email it's all-in-one as it is.

    Sorry, I don't know about any other special tricks.

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    I don't remember correctly bit I think I could not flag messages as spam on stock Mail client so switched to GMail app.

    One thing missing on Gmail app is that it speak not show unread/new email count on the dock.

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    Default Re: Gmail vs Mail app

    You can if you root your phone and use nova launcher
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    Default Re: Gmail vs Mail app

    One the general settings in Gmail allows you to fit the whole message on screen and zoom in.
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    Default Re: Gmail vs Mail app

    In HTC Mail you cannot use teh links because of what was said above. Is there a way besides rooting to get these hyperlinks to work? That is the mail reason I am using gmail now.
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    Default Re: Gmail vs Mail app

    Quote Originally Posted by hi-tech View Post
    In HTC Mail you cannot use teh links because of what was said above. Is there a way besides rooting to get these hyperlinks to work? That is the mail reason I am using gmail now.
    Same here. I have a manual sync on my other email accounts.

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