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    Default Low internal speaker volume

    Hi, Quick ques... I have READ MANY Threads BUT...still want a CLEAR answer,,,what is your opinion on the 4g LTE external speakers...To me it seems LOW compared to the org evo 4g..

    I have HEARD a rumor that they may do a "software" upgrade to merge fromt and back speakers...any truth to this you think??

    Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Low internal speaker volume

    It's too low. My epic was much loauder. This weekend. I was trying to use it from music but had to use a friends iphone instead. It was much louder also.
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    Default Re: Low internal speaker volume

    I agree that the Epic was louder but compared to other devices the epic was the loudest.
    Compaing the EVO LTE to the EVO 4G the LTE is louder BUT i have noticed some apps are quiet.
    ESPN Watch is just such an app. The max audio out of it is about 30% quieter then other apps.
    However music is still plenty loud for me. In fact its louder then my Og EVO.
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