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    Default Re: Proximity sensor problem during phone call back on Jellybean update

    Not that further confirmation of the issue is really needed, but I'll add mine to keep the thread current. I'm a day 1 owner who never had a proximity sensor issue at all until the JB update. Now, like others have described, I have problems with voicemail playback and screen staying off in low light. It can be extremely annoying.

    Let's hope the fix is coming soon...
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    Default Re: Proximity sensor problem during phone call back on Jellybean update

    I'm having same issues with sensors: proximity, orientation, light and accelerometer. Sometimes they work and then they stop. I haven't found any pattern, it's always random. And they always stop working both at the same time. I found funny (temp) solution to make them work again. I installed app called Android Sensor Box. It's an app for testing all sensors. So when I open proximity or accelerometer sensor test, they are not working. But when I do gyroscope test (which is always working), after that every sensor/test is working again. I have completely no idea why :-)
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