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    Default Pandora Won't Work!

    I recently upgraded from the HTC EVO 4g to the LTE and everything is great except for a few things. Whenever I take my phone to the gym and want to listen to Pandora or Youtube, it will not load up or want to connect. Sometimes I begin to roam while in the gym and my data usage is gone, I can still call or text but cannot use Pandora or Youtube. I did not have this problem with my old HTC EVO as I would always use it to listen to Youtube/Pandora while working out. Someone please help!!!!
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    Default Re: Pandora Won't Work!

    Most likely it sounds like your og EVO was on 4g wimax possibly and had faster download speeds.. YouTube is trying to buffer and won't connect unless you have a decent signal and speed. Is there 4g LTE coverage there or wifi?

    Sent from my EVO 4G LTE
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    Default Re: Pandora Won't Work!

    Thanks for the reply, I connected to Wi-Fi and still had no luck
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    Default Re: Pandora Won't Work!

    I have the same problem at my gym and I just turn off wi-fi and it works fine over 3G. If I leave wi-fi on, I have the same issues you describe
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    Default Re: Pandora Won't Work!

    Yeah it worked fine with the basic HTC EVO but not the LTE.. I just upgraded it to JellyBean and checked to make sure the Wi-Fi was connected and still have no luck
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    Default Re: Pandora Won't Work!

    Make sure wi-fi is OFF.

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