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    Default Force powering the LTE off??

    Okay so I know how you can force the LTE to reset itself (holding down the power button + volume down), but how do you force it completely off?

    I just a little bit ago dropped my phone in water. The physical buttons work, and the lights on the bottom "touch" buttons light up. I am getting all sounds (text messages, emails, and someone tried calling me) , but the screen itself is blank. the touch buttons do not work (though vibrate works too), and I get no screen.

    I've been trying to force the EVO to power off as I have it in a bag of rice, but I don't know how. The power + volume down only restarted the phone which I don't want.. I want it completely off!

    Any ideas? or should I just leave it be.. the battery is almost dead anyways (it's on the orange flashing light) and let the battery die on it's own.. I just don't know.

    Just hoping I'm not screwed here
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    Default Re: Force powering the LTE off??

    Well...if you get it to restart while holding volume down it will go into the bootloader (even if you can't see it on the screen).

    Press volume Down button 3 times and then press the Power button....that should shut it down.
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    Default Re: Force powering the LTE off??

    By the time I figured it out it had already died.

    Just tried the phone this evening. The screen now comes on, and all the options in terms of power button/camera/volume work, but the touch screen is unresponsive. When in my car, the car dock works, and the bluetooth connects. I can send/receive calls... so the only thing not working is that touch screen....

    It's back in rice for now..

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