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    So I decided to upgrade yesterday via Amazon Wireless and got the HTC One in black for .1 cents. Anyway, noticed last night that my EVO 4g LTE was having issues with charging. Long story short, Sprint replaced it with a new one this morning--the tech was even sweet enough to throw in a pink and white otterbox. I will use this phone for about 4 days before moving to the HTC One. Any suggestions on how much I should sell this one for? It will come w/ the phone, charger and the otterbox case.
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    I bought my evo lte from a craigslist post. It was only the phone with the charger. Phone is in very good condition. A few scuff marks on the base but I got it down to $120. Depending on the condition of your phone I would say anywhere from $140-180 would be a good deal.

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