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    Default Auto rotation problem

    Picked up my wife a LTEVO and it is in excellent condition and everything works great, except the screen will not auto rotate. I made sure that it was checked in the settings, and I did the calibration. I bought the phone used and I got ahold of the guy and he told me that it was working. Could there have been something happen when he factory reset it? Is there something that I am missing? Or is the wife goinna have to deal with it? When say, I am watching a YouTube video and I go to full screen, it will go to landscape, but everything else stays in portrait mode. Any help will be greatly appreciated.....

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    Default Re: Auto rotation problem

    Ok, I did the calibration again just to see and it does its thing for a little bit and then it says calibration stopped.

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    Default Re: Auto rotation problem

    Happens to me as well. Whenever I'm watching a YouTube video in landscape and press back, I'm still in landscape mode and can't go back to portrait unless I go home (which I have set to be always on portrait) then back to the YouTube app. It's definitely not killing me, but can be annoying at times.

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