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    Default Touch screen on my phone randomly presses and goes crazy.

    For the past couple days, my Evo 4g LTE has been acting up. The touch screen just randomly acts up and it slides and does phantom presses all over the screen.

    I hard reset my phone and still having the issue. It seems to be a hardware problem from what I've googled.
    Problem: Random "phantom" settings button presses

    The thing is, I've recently opened up the back of my phone to change the battery which I think voids the warranty so I can't take it to the shop even if I have warranty right?

    So, I"m not sure what to do. Anyone had this problem before?

    If there's no way for me to fix this, my contract expires in the next 2 months or so. So... what good phones will be coming to Sprint?
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    Default Re: Touch screen on my phone randomly presses and goes crazy.

    Do you have insurance on the phone?
    "The worst foe lies within the self....."

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