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    Default Newbie Hacking Question

    I'm new the Android community, so forgive the newbie questions. I've been a Palm Pre user for the past two years and, in full disclosure, I love webOS and the homebrew community on PreCentral. However, I recently soaked my Pre while in a canoe (fat guy in a little boat) and was forced to buy a new phone. I ended up buying a used EVO on Ebay and so far, I'm digging it. There are things about Android that bug me, but more things I really like (customization, widgets, speed, apps). The EVO hardware is great and makes the Pre look like a kids toy. Also, the 4G in Las Vegas (hometown) is fantastic - just got 5.5 down and 1.6 up using the application.

    My question is about hacking, but more specifically wifi hotspot. On my Pre I had a homebrew app called Freetether that worked perfectly. I've been doing some reading on "rooting" the EVO but it seems that since the GB update, the rooting is not possible? Or, do I even need to "root" to get wifi hotspot to work? Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me...
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    Default Re: Newbie Hacking Question

    there may be a paid app. as far as trying to root or even a temp root, is not possiable yet. as far as i know.
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    Default Re: Newbie Hacking Question

    Depends on you're software version if you can root. If its on gingerbread 2.3.3 software version 4.24 then you will have to wait like everyone else.

    Anywho, moving this thread to the roots/roms/n hacks section where it belongs
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    Default Re: Newbie Hacking Question

    You can call Sprint, add the hotspot feature, and use their app for wireless tethering. Works well.

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