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    Default [Splash Screens]Diablo67's Splash Screens 4 EVO Updated 02/06/12

    Hey guys,i have decided to create splash screens,so i figured i would post a few,let you guys get the idea and then let you guys request the rest.

    If any rom developers want splash screens made for your roms,just pm me with the requested rom and text you would like me to input.

    I have tested everyone of these splashes and they all work 100%.You have to be rooted to install these on your phone.


    1)Download the splash screen that you desire.
    2)Copy the splash screen(,it has to be named to this!)to the root(first level of the sd cards folder)of your SD card.
    3)Power off your phone,wait 10 seconds,then hold the volume rocker in the down position and power on,you will boot into Hboot.(If you have the multi power mod,then you can skip this step and go straight to Hboot from home screen).
    4)When in Hboot,wait for Hboot to load,it takes a second,when loaded,it will ask you if you want to install the update,push the volume rocker in the up position to install the update(splash screen).(sometimes when you boot into Hboot it will be in fastboot mode,just scroll to Hboot if it already is'nt there and hit the power button to boot into Hboot).
    5)It will then ask if you want to reboot,hold up on the volume rocker to reboot your phone back to your home screen.(on your way back,check out your new splash screen).
    6)Once back in your phone,go to a file explorer of your choice and go to the root of your sd card and remove the PC36IMG file,so it does'nt try to update the next time you boot into Hboot.

    Disclaimer:I am not responsible for what happens to your phone after you download this file.I posted detailed instructions to install a splash screen,theres no reason for you to brick your phone.


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