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    Talking Ava v10 out now!

    Good news nobody! (FUTURAMA FTW)

    AvalaunchMods has released V10!


    Get while it's hot!

    From AVA:


    V10-Hulu working now (tap the screen in the app to start up video, takes a second)
    -Added Auto killer, it is an amazing app that will let you choose if you want the fastest phone possible with no multitasking or set it to your preference
    -more and more Visual tweaks
    -29 hour use under moderate-heavy use
    -newest kernel
    -enhanced DSP tweaks
    -code cut and added to frameworks (tossed pointless things)
    -.02 ms transitions (activate via spare parts)
    -Free tethering
    -s/w decoding of codecs unsupported by h/w
    -newest programs
    -more 3G tweaks for tower switches (it will now prefer verizon tower over sprint if sprint has >1 bar)
    -reported working on all h/w versions
    -Try it out. i promise you will like it
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    Yes. Finally, been waiting for a new sense rom.
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    im going to try it..

    Myns is giving me the worst battery life and i even have the 3500mah.. dont get it
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    Quote Originally Posted by conski View Post
    im going to try it..

    Myns is giving me the worst battery life and i even have the 3500mah.. dont get it
    YIKES! I'm only on my 2nd day of V10, so battery life still not truly measurable. On V9 I was getting about 16-18 hours of life with more than moderate use though.

    To be fair I do make the following adjustments:
    - Remove HtcTwitter and widget
    - Remove HtcFriendStream and widget
    - Remove SprintTV
    - Remove Latitude
    - Used Net's 4.2.1-CFS-HAVS-Less Aggresive kernel OC'd slightly to 1113.6 using Smartass gov - NO PROFILES set in setCPU
    - After full charge wipe cache/dalv cache/battery stats
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    any body else? curious about battery life
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    I made it 25 hours on the stock kernel and about 16 on Net 4.2.1 CFS HAVS Less Agg. Both used quite a bit, but I went back to the stock kernel for the battery life. Here's a pick over 20 hours still in the green with awake time of about 5 hours.

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