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    Exclamation Need help with MMS issue with CM 6.1.2.

    hey guys and gals..

    I need some help here..

    I rooted my phone using unrevoked and used clock work to backup and flash my evo (did a wipe and cache wipe as well when I flashed to the new ROM).

    I currently am running update-cm-6.1.2-DesireHD-signed.zip WITH the Google apps as well.

    I have been able to receive MMS messages but can not send them. I can not send them with the stock SMS/MMS application NOR can I send them with handcent. I just get a "sending".

    Any help here would be great.. It's rather annoying not being able to send off a picture message. Other than that, everything is amazing!
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    this post had old info, see below for a way better/faster answer!
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    thanks fredelement, but dang.. 1700 pages? haha.

    If i flash back to my stock sense rom, then back to my CM6.1.2 am i going to have to set CM6 back up again?

    Or can i just make a backup of it through clockwork and just get it back teh exact way it is now?
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    hey whitehorse... i think you posted in the cm forum (under whitehorsedp) too... but for future reference for the ac community deleting the telephony.db file in folder /data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases followed by a reboot worked for me. for a while i though i was giving up both mms and 4g for cm... now, only waiting for 4g
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    thanks quocamole!

    I was finally able to find the /data/data file and get rid of it... using handcent and everything is working smoothly.
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    Why are you using the desire hd rom?

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    sorry, i copied that link name from the incorrect place. i am using 6.1.2-Supersonic

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